About Us

Mirmar Seeds is an expert South African seed company founded in 2020 by Wynand van der Westhuizen and Tinus Stigling, with 40 years' experience in the vegetable seed business. With its headquarters located in Tzaneen Limpopo province, MirMar seeds distributes only the highest quality vegetable seeds. MirMar Seeds also has a research station where the latest varieties are tested and screened throughout South Africa. By partnering with the best breeding programs in the world, MirMar seeds can provide the best varieties to professional vegetable growers.

Mission & vision

In South Africa, MirMar seeds is dedicated to selling the best genetics to professional vegetable growers to ensure food safety.

Why Choose us

Providing the best genetics to our professional growers.

Providing excellent after-sales service makes our company stand out.

Fast delivery.

We offer our growers the highest level of technical support.